The Two Cents You Didn’t Know You Were Short: Introduction


The Two Cents You Didn’t Know You Were Short” comes from the brilliant (and beautiful) heart of a woman I’m currently coaching. Through our coaching, together, we’ve focused on the My Q-Life “Essentials” - allowing her to heal her heart, and regain confidence in living a life filled with health and happiness.

Women have a tough go; we’re expected to be strong, yet fragile - independent, yet nurturing - brave, yet soft - both sides of the coin. Rarely do we have the opportunity to express the emotions felt, trying to juggle these different sides. What happens when we can’t express these emotions? Disease, and “dis-EASE” occur, in the body.

As a health coach, I specialize in helping women juggle the different sides - working to fill up their own cup. Together, we work to overcome the negative, celebrate the positive, and find clarity. If you’re interested in working together, to create your best self, please reach out!

Cents From Sandy” is a beautiful series of stories, meant for women. The “taboo” topics we don’t ever have the opportunity to talk about, but think about, often. These stories were written to help one woman heal her heart, while reminding other women that we are never alone.

The Two Cents You Didn’t Know You Were Short: Introduction

         0.      You cannot be the only one in the world who thinks this way.

         0.      You have many parts to you, and each part requires its own set of standards to be cared for. We’ll talk about the many parts of our self that require different types of self-care, and what ‘self-care’ really means.

Today, after having mediocre sex, with someone I’m not in a relationship with, I did what any sane woman does.. I called my best friend. Her first question was ‘so are y’all in a relationship now??’ I’m three months out of a two year relationship, so NO I am not in a relationship. I just wanted my ex screwed out of me, if I’m being honest. My first thought after hearing her say that was ‘I cannot be the only person who thinks this way!’ Which got me thinking... how many things have I altered my thought process on because someone I was speaking with was directing my feelings in a different direction than I had been choosing to feel? 

I’d like to focus on the raw emotions I (and you) have felt while taking care of the many parts of you. I’d really like to focus on self-care and how self-care looks different, depending on the part of yourself you’re caring for. I’ve personally been working on finding how to care for myself spiritually, physically, sexually, and in the relationships I build. I won’t lie, most of my two cents will come from what I personally pocketed through each learning curve, even if the penny I pocketed was the one that sits in the bottom of your cup holder (you know the one that’s glued in by a mystery gooey substance, and will be there always reminding you that you have the coin, you just can’t spend it).

I chose the title ‘The Two Cents You Didn’t Know You Needed’ because hearing other people’s stories can help us work through our own. Can make our stories seem a little more normal. Even make our simplest stories feel important. You’re free to pocket my two cents, or leave them on the counter, for the next person who comes up a couple short. Either way, I hope you continue dropping by to hear my two cents worth.

- Sandy