Paleo Pumpkin Custard

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*Written last week*

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It’s the official start of the holiday season; a time to get together with family, and an opportunity to eat some delicious comfort food. As a person with unique dietary preferences, Thanksgiving has always been an occasion for me to try some new recipes. One year, I attempted a vegan cheesecake (using non-dairy milk and cream cheese); another year, I graduated in the dairy-free department, and moved onto a REAL vegan cheesecake, made with cashews. During my “meat-free years”, I made lentil balls and delicious collard green salads. And some years, I’ve eaten everything everyone else has, minus the gluten and the dairy. It’s an opportunity to try new things, which is always a passion of mine.

Most years, I tend to go overboard in the kitchen. Overwhelming myself, at the last minute, wishing I would have started earlier, or picked something easier, and so for that reason, this year is all about simplicity: with the menu and the ingredients.

We bought the turkey. It’s brining in the fridge, and last night, I decided to make my desserts ahead of time. This year, I’m making pumpkin custard. The recipe came from one of my dearest friends, Carrie. It’s easy, delicious and actually really healthy for you!

Pumpkin is high in Vitamin A, which is good for skin-health. It’s low-calorie dense, meaning it contains mostly water, and fills you up, on fewer calories. It’s high in antioxidants, in general, and is a good source of fiber.

Coconut is antifungal and antibacterial, and is very helpful in treating certain illnesses. Their high levels of antioxidants are helpful for skin and aging, as well.

Honey (when purchased locally) is a wonderful source of antioxidants, and great for allergies and colds.

Gelatin is great for gut health! It helps coat the lining of the stomach, and is a great source of protein and collagen! Collagen is helpful for bone health, as well as skin and nails, plus it the Lysince (an amino acid) helps promote restful sleep.

Paleo Pumpkin Custard

  • 1 can pumpkin

  • 1 TBSP honey

  • 1 tsp cinnamon

  • 1/2 cup coconut milk

  • 1 TBSP gelatin (I use Vital Proteins)

  1. Mix pumpkin, honey and cinnamon in a bowl.

  2. Heat coconut milk, in a saucepan, but turn heat off before it boils.

  3. Slowly whisk in gelatin (working to get rid of any big pieces)

  4. Mix in heated milk/gelatin in with pumpkin.

  5. Pour into ramekins and refrigerate.

This recipe isn’t going to taste like pumpkin pie, FYI. My mom and my brother’s girlfriend both tried it, without knowing this, and I think they were wishing it was sweeter. The texture, however, is just like pumpkin pie (thanks to the gelatin). If you decide you do want it to be sweeter, you could add in more honey.

Thanksgiving aside, this recipe is one I like to make every so often, for a quick and healthy dessert. It’s quickly become a staple at my home. Let me know if it becomes one in yours!


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