Healthier, Homemade Margarita

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Happy Belated Cinco de Mayo! While alcohol isn’t something I’d ever recommend drinking every night, it’s important to enjoy yourself, when the opportunity arises. And last Sunday, after a very long weekend, and because of the holiday(s) (Cinco & GoT), I needed to celebrate!

When enjoying a beverage, I have a few alcoholic faves: vodka, sparkling spiked seltzer, wine and tequila.

This margarita was SUPER easy to make, and a whole lot less-sugary than a restaurant, or store-bought marg!

1 shot tequila (agave is my fave - I used 1800 Tequila)
Juice of 1-2 limes
1/2 shot of sweetener (I used Madhava, Organic Agave 5)
3-4 ice cubes *Shake in shaker, and pour into glass. Top with S.Pellegrino, and enjoy! 

It’s fun to make cocktails, at home! I always enjoy trying to make them healthier, less-sugary options, compared to what you find at a restaurant, or store! What’s your favorite, homemade cocktail?!


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