Liver Rescue Smoothie Bowl

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Ever since my acne came back, I’ve been terrified of sugar because that’s how society is made to feel, right?! Sugar is evil!

And yes - white, processed sugar is awful; it’s filled with chemicals, and terrible on our bodies. But what about NATURAL sugars, like those found in fruits?

With keto diets trending, literally everywhere, we’ve come to a time where bacon is consumed more than fruits, and “sugar free” products are a staple.

What we’ve seemed to have forgotten about is our livers. How is all that fat, sugar-free “food” affecting your liver?

Today, I made @medicalmedium’s Liver Rescue Smoothie (turned bowl), and made a conscious decision to not give in to society’s whack beliefs about food. Fruit is healthy, nourishing and incredibly good for you. I’m going to have more of it! 🍎🍐🍋🍌🥥🍒🥝
Smoothie bowl:
1/2 papaya
1 packet dragon fruit (frozen)
1 cup frozen bloobs
*Topped with some banana, cacao nibs and coconut