Dealing with Burnout

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I’ve sensed a pattern going around for everyone lately; feelings of “being stuck”, “blah”, “tired”, “unsure of what to do next”, “stagnant”. Fall is a hard time of year. With the changing of seasons seems to come a change in all of us. Change can be great - an opportunity for us to “let go of our leaves”, and start anew. So, why is this opportunity seen as such a negative one? Why is it so hard to let go of those leaves and renew?

Leaves don’t hold onto their dead leaves, so why do we?

Burnout happens when we have done, held onto and thought about too much. It usually happens when we care about something (or things) too much. To me, it’s when we deliberately hold onto too many ‘dead leaves’. When this happens, it’s a sign we should drop the ones that no longer serve us, and move forward.

But this is hard, even for me. We’re in a time and age where ‘being busy’ and ‘doing everything’ is glorified. We all want to be our own bosses, develop multiple ‘side hustles’ and have it all. But we’re human, so what happens when we try and hold onto all those leaves? We get weighed down, which leads to exhaustion, depression, frustration… burnout.

I’ve been experiencing some serious burnout, in the past few weeks. A lot of it has to do with wanting to hold onto too many leaves (side projects, commitments (home and professional), potential money-makers), but another large part of it has to do with the way citizens of our country are treating one another. It’s been an extremely gloomy past few weeks - and a lot of us are feeling unsupported, neglected and unsure. Burnout, physical and mental.

As a health coach, it should be my job to be here to listen; offer guidance and support, in order to drop those leaves and move forward. And always, I’m here to do that. But I’ve been struggling, myself. We hold onto so many damn leaves; it’s time we all move forward with lightening the load.

How do we do that? Well, it’s a process and I’ve come up with a few, (hopefully) helpful tips on how to deal with burnout, and drop some of those dead leaves.

Dealing with burnout - Ridding yourself of what no longer serves you

  • Slow Down - Ditch a few of your high-intensity workouts for something slower, like yoga or tai chi, which help focus on breath and balance.

  • Drop Some of the “Extra” Things - Do you find yourself struggling to accomplish certain jobs, or tasks? Chances are, these are some of those “dead leaves” that need to fall off. Don’t do them for a while, and see what you notice.

  • Self-Care It Up - Especially now, your body needs love, compassion, patience and understanding. A bath, a morning routine, a night in… regardless of what your “self-care option” is, bring your body some joy.

  • Accept Where You Are - Sometimes, we aren’t where we want to be, but that’s life. Instead of constantly striving to move forward, spend more time with where you are. Embrace being there.

  • Be Present - When our mind is going in ten different directions, no task gets done well… and sometimes they don’t even get done. Put your phones down. Enjoy the quiet time. Rest your brain so you will have more stamina, later, to devote to your passions.

  • Ditch “Perfection” - Nobody’s perfect, but social media doesn’t seem to portray that, does it?! Burnout, sometimes, can stem from nothing other that comparisons, which tend to happen more, due to social media. Instead of spending so much time and brain-power on “being perfect”, embrace what makes you different, what you’re insecure about and what you struggle with. Be human!

  • Ask For Help - Whether it be cooking dinner, making the bed, helping you with a project, WHATEVER! You’re not super(man, woman, person), why is it important to be perceived that way? If you’re struggling with something, or need assistance, ask for it!

Fall is a time for letting go. Remember, we’re human; it’s not up to us to hold onto everything, do everything and be everything. We owe it to ourselves to deal with burnout, rather than accepting it. What can you rid yourself of, in order to start out fresh? Let me know!

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