About Kate

Hi! My name is Kate, and I am an event planner turned project manager, turned cupcake decorator, turned yogi, turned photographer's assistant, turned style consultant, turned health coach! Whew! After years of 'figuring my life out', I have come to the conclusion that life can never really be figured out. That's the beauty of it! Life's about taking all of your experiences and using them to mold you into the beautiful, unique and kickass person you are!

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*My Q-Life came from the "quarter-life crisis" I experienced; the experience that helped me lead the life I am today.

This space is for all of the amazing humans out there who find themselves standing in similar shoes (or sandals, or slippers, or bare feet). Let's celebrate never really being alone, and never really having life completely figured out. Pop open that bottle of champagne, pour yourself a glass (or take a swig right from the bottle), and come learn more about yourself, with me!

Kate Sayers is a certified Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, with a passion for helping others create their best self and best life. At IIN, she received extensive training on over 100 dietary theories, as well as many lifestyle coaching methods. She specializes in hormones, stress management, gluten free/vegan meal planning, weight-loss, goal-setting/life-crisis (quarter, mid, or beyond).

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